Join me on a behind the scenes' journey that some have called "The Most Eye-Opening Experience Since The Secret"

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The Love Keeps Pouring In!

Everyday my team and I receive thank-you messages, comments and love... from people all over the world who have watched and been significantly impacted by "The Abundance Factor". Here are just a few of their comments...

"Thank you for making this video. I loved it!! It moved me.”

Patti Guay

"Riley, I absolutely loved... The Abundance Factor Movie.”

Laura Wilkinson

"FABULOUS movie!! Thank you for all the great information, from all the great gurus of our time.”


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Who’s Riley Dayne?

Riley Dayne is a Canadian entrepreneur, filmmaker and award winning graduate of the prestigious, New York Film Academy.

Riley is primarily known as the creator of the highest grossing Canadian documentary of 2015, The Abundance Factor. Dayne and his production company, "Mapmaker Studio Inc." create new and innovative media that continues to be viewed by millions around the globe.

Riley’s mission is to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025, through his work in philanthropy, film production and progressive multi-media creation.